Psychic Medium
Psychic Medium
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Angela Starling Cook is a clairvoyant counselor, psychic medium and healer. I have had abilities since the age of 3 and I love communicating with spirit. I’ve been committed to honing my gifts through classes, courses, meditation, including workshops with James Van Praagh. I received certification in both psychic and mediumship through the JVP mystical arts. I communicate with both earth bound spirits and those that have crossed, and I provide assistance to earthbound spirits by guiding them to the light. I work with my guides, angels and saints to assist in both physical and emotional healings through Reiki. My mission is to bring love and healing to you through the gift of spirit. Blessings to all.

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Psychic Medium

Cynthia Clement  has been fortunate to study from well know mediums as well as tutors from the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science in England.Cynthia brings a wealth of knowledge to those interested in developing their own intuition and performing psychic and mediumship readings. 


Building your Intuition

Psychic Art

African Shaman Healer

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Jude has been a spiritual healer for over 20 years and is currently a resident Shaman and healer in the city of Los Angeles. Born in West Africa, Jude trained under his grandfather, a third-generation Shaman. Jude’s spiritual learning was further enhanced when he traveled to Los Angeles with Sir George King, founder of the Aetherius Society. There he mastered The King Technique – utilizing the major chakras (energy centers) to fill the body with spiritual energy so that the body may heal itself. This Spiritual Healing technique is practiced and taught by Jude to healers of all traditions, including western medical professionals. In addition, he also does Shamanic Ritual healing for people who have been cursed by jealousy or mischievous entities. These entities want them to fail in all endeavors, make family members sick, or cause accidents. In Africa, this type of curse comes in “curse webs” similar to spider webs that hold the spider’s prey captive. The Shamanic Ritual that Jude performs will cut the webs of confusion, mental instability, and failure in both physical and spiritual life.